The Mission

The Bronze Eagles Flying Club
of Texas (BEFC) is a non-profit
organization dedicated to the
promotion of aviation. The Club
has chapters in several cities in
Texas; and it is an affiliate of
the Black Pilots of America.

Our aims and purposes are:

  • To train youth to
    participate and advance
    in various types of
    employment within the
    field of aviation.
  • To stimulate and
    encourage broader job
    opportunities for under-
    privileged youth in all
    phases of aviation.
  • To encourage youth to
    enter the field of aviation
    and to remain in school by
    showing films and
    lecturing in schools on
    opportunities in the field
    of aviation.
  • To organize and set up a
    school for such training.
  • To develop scholarships
    for youth who will partake
    in such training and
  • To acquire, own, hold,
    sell, lease, pledge,
    mortgage or otherwise
    dispose of any property,
    real or personal,
    necessary to the
    operation of the

Summer Flight Academy


BEFC provides scholarships for Summer Flight Academy trainees and subsidizes the costs of youth fly-ins. With your gift, you can help this important work to continue. Please read a message from our President; and make use of the Contribution Form. Or, you may click the button below and donate now.

For several years the BPA Summer Flight Academy (SFA) has excited young people about flying and their potential to participate in the aviation field. Furthermore, the SFA has helped them translate this excitement to the academic studies that form the foundation of a productive career. The volunteer instructors are all experienced flight instructors who share their combined experience of 165 years in the aviation field with the SFA students. The SFA is held at Texas Southern University in Houston, TX. Successful participants receive 10 hours of flight time and 40 hours of ground school. They must have at least a B average and be between the ages of 15 and 19. The most successful students can complete their first solo flight.





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